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I grew up in Ireland and every year without fail my mum would take myself and my sisters to the Dublin International Horseshow. As a six year old I can remember being slightly scared by what to me at the time were huge animals but always watched in total awe and admiration when it came to the Puissance.


After moving to the UK in the early 90s I took up riding and started to help out on a local yard near to my mum and dads in return for hacking out.  It was when work took me to Northern Ireland, I took the plunge and bought my own horse.  Saracen was a 17hh ISH and was such a gentle giant not to mention a great showjumper. It was during our time together that I realised the bond that grows between humans and horses, how trusting they are of us and how much joy they bring to people every day.


Remembering Saracen brings a smile to me but it is also tinged with regret. At the time, I hadn't started my professional photography journey and so never thought to have any professional images of our time together.  To this day it is my biggest regret.

In creating The Horse's Photographer, I want to approach photographing horses from their perspective - not a human perspective.  In essence the horse takes the spotlight and everything I do centres around them.  From getting acquainted right through to the end of the shoot, I see things from their point of view by creating a calm work environment and letting them see that my equipment is not scary or going to harm them.


We work at their pace and from experience I know that by doing so, we achieve the best results. Whether I'm working purely with your horse or together with you, I make sure that the experience is a truly special and memorable one and the resulting fine art images are ones you will be able to treasure for many years to come.  

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